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iso 27001 certified 120 grijsENSURE APPLICATION PERFORMANCE

full visibility and control ensures performance of business critical applications

Align the network to your business priorities

We provide next-generation solutions for mid-sized and large organisations to have full control and visibility of their global Wide Area Network; private cloud, public cloud or both. Powered by Ipanema Technologies, our solutions automatically manage and optimize network performance according to your business objectives. To deliver on this promise, we have a comprehensive suite of design, implementation and consulting services. And to make it even easier for you, we can provide everything bundled “as a service”.

10 reasons to use IpanemaWhy Videns IT services

  • Lower costs and always aiming to add value to your business
  • Application focused and independent from network vendors
  • From DIY to fully managed service - easy to do business with
  • We do one thing and we do it right: Ipanema

    Provides full visibility of application usage and performance,

    from a high-level Application Quality Score (AQS) to detailed

    reports. Application discovery and classification by nature,

    by site and across different periods of time; measurement of

    usage and of application performance across the network.

    Real-time dashboard and historical information.  More >


    Gives you full control and optimization of all applications

    over the global network; private cloud, public cloud or both.

    Allows you to guarantee the performance of the critical ap-

    plications. Dynamic WAN Selection technology turns hybrid

    (MPLS + Internet) networks into more flexible and cost-

    effective enterprise assets. More  >

  • foto usp3BETTER RESPONSE

    Allocates network bandwidth on the fly, depending on the

    business criticality of each application, including cloud-

    based applications. This and other advanced features of the

    Autonomic Networking System dramatically improves the

    application response times for end users. More  >

  • foto usp4COST AVOIDANCE

    Save on IT and network costs while improving applications

    performance and continuity, user experience  and producti-

    vity. Avoid budget overruns by postponing bandwidth up-

    grades, often by more than 24 months. Resolve potential

    application performance bottlenecks even before they

    appear.  More >


    Information is the key to better business. Access the right

    information to make informed IT decisions, enabling your 

    organisation to leverage its WAN for greater competitive

    advantage. Automatically managing and aligning WAN 

    performance with business objectives will lead to higher

    productivity per user.  More  >



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