Moving to the cloud? Don’t forget the WAN!

Cloud WAN planning

Our partner Cato Networks recently published an excellent blog titled ‘SAP HANA Migration: Turning your WAN Inside Out’. While the Cato blog zooms in on SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Cloud, the underlying considerations and decisions will apply to the adoption of any cloud application. In this blog we want to provide some guidance and insights on the WAN aspects of a future proof cloud strategy.

Forget MPLS

Classic MPLS based Wide Area Networks are designed to connect a single datacenter with a number of remote locations. In the cloud world, this no longer sufficient: all applications must be provided ‘from anywhere, to anywhere’. MPLS based point to point networks cannot deliver the combination of performance, scalability, flexibility and cost effectiveness modern enterprises require.

What are your options?

The first option is to backhaul all sites and connect only data centre firewalls to the cloud providers. The downside: this approach adds latency and potentially congestion and jitter, impacting the user experience. And as you grow the number of cloud solutions you use, the cost and complexity grow just as fast.SD-WAN ExperienceLab

A more advanced option is a full site-to-site mesh using firewalls. Ideally, traffic from every branch will go directly to the cloud provider instead of the datacenter. The downside: due to IPSEC tunnel limitations, additional firewalls have to be deployed and connected to the cloud provider.

The most advanced and future proof option is a redundant, full site-to-site mesh using a cloud network. All sites and cloud providers connect to a cloud-based network and a full mesh is achieved in the cloud. The cloud network provides resiliency and optimal, low latency routing and secure connectivity between all sites and cloud providers. Mobile users can connect to the cloud network from anywhere and have direct access to all connected cloud providers, without the latency associated with datacenter firewalls.

Is your WAN ready for the cloud?

Does your WAN give you full flexibility to shape your global network any which way your organization needs? If the answer is ‘no’, please contact us to discuss how we can help you speed up cloud adoption and performance through a next gen cloud based SD-WAN solution.

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