Thank you for attending the Videns Annual Conference 2016

Dear attendees,

On behalf of the Videns team and our partners VeloCloud, InfoVista and Zscaler we would like to thank you for attending this year’s Videns Annual Conference at the beautiful estate Luchtenburg. We are proud to have been able to bring together so many network professionals. Our partners have shared the latest developments in the field of network technology – like SD-WAN – with you. And hopefully you will benefit from their substantive contribution.

There was plenty of room for debate during lunch, breaks and the ensuing panel discussion during which you all could express your views on our propositions through an app and in this way were able to participate interactively in the discussion. We hope our speakers equipped you with the knowledge and insight to make the right decisions in delivering the latest innovations in networking.

Conclusion of this year’s VAC

The general consensus was that SD-WANs are not entirely new, but they bring a wide range of existing technologies together in practical solutions that are ready to deploy. Another eye-opener to the audience was a question of Zscaler about how we have secured our smartphones and tablets. We spend millions on security for office networks and laptops, but how have we secured our PDAs and smartphones that we use to access the same corporate information? Something to think about…