Videns delivers high performing, end-to-end managed global SD-WAN services to enterprises, including services to help customers with the centralized procurement, provisioning and management of the required internet access services for their SD-WAN solution.

We team with Globalinternet, a leading supplier of internet access services worldwide. Globalinternet partners with local ISPs throughout the world to offer a best-in-class product portfolio with a broad range of dedicated and broadband access technologies. Their unique capability enable customers to obtain business-grade connectivity at the best price for any location, wherever in the world it may be.

Videns fully and proactively manages the internet accesses used for its SD-WAN services, both operationally and commercially. We assume end-to-end responsibility for the availability and performance of the service at the customer locations and act as a single point of contact. By being a ‘one stop shop’ we make it easy for IT managers to adopt state-of-the-art WAN solutions and optimize their network.

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