Global application deployment

Enterprises are spending millions on the development, implementation and maintenance of applications that support core business processes. Not surprising, as these applications can make the difference between success or failure of an organisation.

WAN challenges

On the network however, key business applications face bandwidth competition from less-critical applications as well as high latencies for geographically distant locations. Traditional network solutions cannot cope as bandwidth demand and the number of applications grow and all bandwidth will be consumed, no matter how much you provide. The increasing number of interfaces between and interdependency of applications don’t make life much easier either.

The impact of application outages can be enormous: loss of revenue, huge factory shutdown and restart costs, 3rd party damage claims, reputation damages and loss of goodwill, etc.

Guaranteed application performance

Videns next-generation WAN services help enterprises to guarantee the performance of critical applications. The complex mesh of application flows is dynamically regulated and steered by global application objectives. Mission-critical applications such as ERP, CRM or VoIP are protected at all times for each user on the global WAN.

Smart path selection and optimisation technologies improve business continuity and productivity. They ensure the availability and performance of critical applications even if one or more network links to a site fail or perform poorly. Direct paths to cloud and enterprise applications result in maximum performance while intelligent acceleration further optimises the user experience for sites connected via low latency links.

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