Deploy 10 times faster

When it comes to opening up new offices or rolling out new applications, network teams are commonly known to be ‘the last to know but first to act’. Free yourself from being dependent on dedicated MPLS connections with long delivery lead times. Remove the burden of reconfiguring per site static policies for new application deployments. Connect new offices in days, not months. Support new application roll-outs in minutes, not weeks!

Enterprises can save over 50% of their total WAN budget. But there is an even larger saving that Videns can help to achieve: what are the costs of having to wait for weeks, even months before new sites are connected? What is the cost if the roll-out of an important application must be delayed with weeks or months because the network is not ready? What is the cost of an outage of a critical business application like your ERP system? What is the cost of productivity loss due to poorly performing applications?

With Videns NextGen WAN services new sites and new applications can be rolled out in days, not weeks or months. Critical business applications are protected at all times while overall employee productivity increases because of better performing applications. With Videns you can save over 50% of your WAN budget while realising even larger savings on business cost!

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