MPLS replacement or augmentation

MPLS technology is widely deployed in service provider and private networks due to its proven reliability, efficiency, and security. It offers a configuration-controlled method for service providers to share their physical infrastructure resources securely among many different customers’ Wide Area Networks.

Changing business and IT needs

MPLS is a reliable and secure technology for building a fixed-path VPN over an IP network between a set of branch offices and data centres.

Modern networks, however, increasingly demand the agility to steer traffic to a variety of cloud-based and SaaS sites outside the traditional VPN, as well as a much quicker and more cost-effective deployment capability.


The TCO of MPLS based networks

Enterprises spend about 10% of their IT budget on the network. Networks require large investments in routers, switches, firewalls as well as high ongoing costs for leasing expensive MPLS connections and bandwidth. On top of that there’s the internal cost of operating and managing these networks. Operations need to configure and maintain network policies, implement changes and troubleshoot and manage network problems. Management has to plan and budget network upgrades, review and report on service levels, manage provider contracts, etc.

Cloud-delivered SD-WAN technology

To overcome the long lead times of MPLS, customers resort to “over-the-top” broadband connections that can be provisioned instantaneously (e.g. 4G mobile connections) or cost-efficiently in a short period of time (wired broadband connections). However, these are considered “best-effort” connections and therefore not truly suitable for business-grade traffic.

Videns NextGen WAN services offer a huge opportunity to save costs and speed up deployments:

  • Routers, switches and firewalls can be replaced by a simple (virtual) edge device that integrates all these functions.
  • Expensive MPLS connections can be replaced or augmented by inexpensive internet links while preserving quality and bandwidth.
  • Operations can save considerable time of managing policies, implementing changes and troubleshooting problems by using network automation and objective-based management that provides full visibility and control over the network.
  • Management can make better informed decisions based on factual and meaningful reports that are simple to understand.

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