Simplified network operations

Retailer organisations typically have very large networks with hundreds or thousands stores. These are highly dynamic networks: stores are opened, closed and relocated every day. This puts a huge burden on IT organisations who are often “first to act but last to know”. In a 1,000 site retail network, IT will have to manage 50 to 100 sites under change continually! Furthermore, omnichannel strategies, interactive store concepts and in-store WiFi are driving network dependency and bandwidth demand.

Construction and engineering companies face similar challenges: They typically have many locations that need to be connected quickly and on a temporary basis (for 6, 12 or 18 months) as soon as a new project has been acquired. These sites have huge bandwidth demands for transferring CAD files, connecting construction cameras, etc.

Traditional network solutions are not capable of effectively addressing the requirements of these large, dynamic network environments due to their long delivery lead times (typically 6-8 weeks), high cost of bandwidth, long-term contract commitments and complexity of managing large numbers of sites and changes.

Key features and benefits

Proactively detect, diagnose and troubleshoot application performance problems before users are impacted.

Reduce troubleshooting times with intuitive real-time dashboards, which allow you to easily drill-down from a high-level, global view to the details of an individual application flow.

Effectively pinpoint the root cause of performance issues and prevent finger pointing between different teams.

Efficient management

Effective forecasting and planning of network upgrades based on application and service level objectives.

Efficient management and reporting of internal performance KPIs, trends and breaches. Objective benchmarking of provider performance against contractual SLA obligations.

NextGen WAN services

Videns next-generation WAN services are the solution for organisations with large, dynamic networks. With zero-touch provisioning, organisations can instantly bring up new sites by simply connecting one or more ordinary Internet broadband or 3G/4G links – no configuration required. Standard Internet connections are transformed into high quality WAN links suitable to carry real-time traffic. Advanced QoS ensures that business-critical applications like VoIP and POS systems are protected at all times.

Easily manage changes across 100s or 1.000s of sites based on globally defined application and business policies instead of per site static router policies. Quickly increase bandwidth by simply adding inexpensive Internet links. Deliver additional branch services using integrated WiFi and firewall capabilities or any compatible third-party VNF. All services are provisioned from a single, zero-configuration edge device, or can be enabled on standard x86 hardware through a variety of supported hypervisors.

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