WAN branch appliance elimination

Traditional networks need multiple, dedicated appliances such as UTMs, Firewalls and WAN optimization appliances at each location to provide wide area networking (WAN) and security services. Distributed appliances require ongoing management, updates, upgrades and capacity planning to maintain the environment and performance.

Branch Footprint Reduction

With Videns’ NextGen SD-WAN solutions you can eliminate dedicated branch office equipment. Our solutions protect all connected locations and seamlessly scale to secure all traffic, without the need for unplanned hardware upgrades and resource-intensive software patches. You can rely on continuous, up-to-date protection without any involvement from your IT-teams.


Minimize hardware costs
Less hardware means less capital expense for acquiring, upgrading and replacing on-premises equipment.

Highly adaptive protection
Unlike appliances that need to go through software updates, our integrated security services are seamlessly upgraded in the background with new capabilities. Our technology partners develop and quickly deploy threat countermeasures to keep your defense up-to-date.

Reduce management complexity
Unified policy management across all sites, that can be easily customized as needed, saves hours of tweaking configurations and policies for each device.

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