Cloud acceleration

Digital transformation forces enterprises to rapidly adopt new and innovative applications and to implement cloud based services, such as O365, AWS, Azure and This causes an immediate challenge for traditional WAN technologies and requires a radical change of the corporate WAN. Innovative technologies, and in particular Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), have emerged and enable enterprises to effectively address those WAN challenges today.

Hybrid Networking
Enterprises are looking to combine the Internet with their MPLS-based networks in a hybrid WAN to increase bandwidth, reduce cost and improve cloud application performance. However, traditional hybrid WANs require a stack of branch appliances such as routers, switches and firewalls and a set of complex static policies to be configured and maintained for each site.

SD-WAN for cloud acceleration
Our SD-WAN services turn hybrid networks into flexible and efficient enterprise assets. All functions are provided from a single edge appliance and are automatically configured and adjusted to the local situation with zero-touch provisioning. You control globally how applications are routed over the hybrid network. Dynamic path selection and multipath optimisation increase the efficient use of available network resources while ensuring and optimising the performance of cloud and legacy applications.

Cloud VPN and security
Provides secure and dynamic edge-to-edge communication between branches and with enterprise and cloud (Azure, AWS etc.) data centers, based on service level and application performance objectives. This feature delivers secure Internet access with integrated next-generation firewall functionality or integration with cloud security services such as Zscaler.

Embrace the cloud

Do you want to learn how SD-WAN solutions can help you embrace the cloud, without compromising security and performance? Please contact us to discuss the options and benefits for your organisation.