SD-WAN as a Service

Secure, global SD-WAN, delivered as a service, provides the core benefits of SD-WAN while enabling secure direct internet access, SLA-backed connectivity, and seamless extension of the WAN to cloud data centers and mobile users.

Videns’ secure and global SD-WAN solutions enable customers to eliminate multiple point products and the cost, complexity and risk associated with maintaining them. Following this approach, WAN transformation will not simply result in MPLS cost reductions, but also present a future proof roadmap for streamlining the networking and security infrastructure of the organization.

SD-WAN as a Service – brought to you by Videns
Videns IT Services supports a variety of service and delivery models to flexibly suit every enterprise’s need. We provide a fully managed service for a fixed fee per month for enterprises that lack the skills and resources to manage their own solution or that don’t want to invest in appliances and software. From installation and setup to monthly reporting and proactive tuning of your network, it’s all in the package. If you need additional services such as quarterly network health checks and rightsizing, our service consultants are available to help you.

Best of both worlds

Do you want to learn how you can achieve all benefits associated with SD-WAN, without upfront investments in hardware, software and expertise? Please contact us to discuss the options for your organisation.