SD-WAN security

An SD-WAN simplifies branch operations and efficiently connects your branches to the internet, which makes establishing local breakouts easy. But those connections still need to be secured. As a matter of fact, SD-WAN needs to be as secure as MPLS to be a viable extension to or replacement for your MPLS based WAN.

Secure SD-WAN from Videns
The advanced SD-WAN solutions from Videns enable secure, high-performance routing of traffic direct to the internet from your branch sites — without the cost and complexity of traditional on-premises security or VNFs. We deliver the entire security stack (proxy, cloud firewall and advanced threat prevention) as a cloud service to secure your internet connections, warranting fast and secure internet access for all of your branches.

Rethinking network architectures
The migration of applications from the data center to the cloud requires organisations to rethink their network architectures. Traditional architectures and security technologies are not built for cloud applications. Simply replicating the network security stack at every branch is too expensive, adds to management burden, and increases complexity. Compromising by using only on-premises next-generation firewalls or VNFs leaves your locations vulnerable.

Integrated SD-WAN security

Do you want to learn how SD-WAN solutions can help you seamlessly integrate security into your WAN? Please contact us to discuss the options and benefits for your organisation.