Software Defined WAN

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a new, smarter and more efficient way to manage and optimize a wide area network. SD-WAN was created to overcome the high bandwidth costs and rigidity of MPLS services. It does that by incorporating internet transports (such as DSL, Fiber and 4G) into the WAN and forming a virtual overlay across all transports.

When traditional network technologies can’t cope
The rise of cloud services, social media, video and unified communications has caused the application landscape to change dramatically. Traditional network technologies cannot cope with the explosion of bandwidth and the radical shift in traffic patterns. Enterprises adopt hybrid WANs that combine MPLS with cheap Internet VPNs and local Internet break-outs to meet their new network demand. However, hybrid WANs add a lot of complexity resulting in significant management and troubleshooting challenges.

Solving network challenges with SD-WAN
Next-generation network technologies such as SD-WAN help organisations to effectively cope with their network challenges. Derived from the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) principles for data center networking, SD-WAN enables cloud-ready enterprise grade WAN services, independent from the underlying transport technologies. Network functions such as routing, security, performance optimisation and QoS are automatically provisioned and dynamically adjusted, steered by globally defined application and business policies.

SD-WAN benefits

Videns’ next-generation Software Defined WAN services enable enterprises to effectively master the complexity of today’s application landscape and improve the performance of cloud and legacy applications, while reducing network TCO by 50% or more.

Profit from technology and our expertise

Our knowledge and experience in the area of next-generation network solutions help you to maximise business value from these technologies and reach your business and IT objectives.

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